Ćwiczeniówka : New Snapshot. klasa 3 gimnazjum
Complete Sophia's accoint of her school trip using these verbs and linkers.

-arrive -buy -feel -travel -get on -have -leave - see -take -take -think -visit -not have -not sleep -not want

LINKERS: -after breakfast -first of all -in the afternoon -before lunch

Last week, 30 students from my school went on a school trip to The Netherlands. We left school at two o'clock on Thursday afternoon and we ________ the boat at about eight o'clock. The crossing ________ nine hours. Unfortunately, we ________ cabins, so we ________ very well. Anyway, we _________ in Rotterdam on Friday morning. We _________ breakfast and we all _________ much better. ___________________, we _________ by coach to Amsterdam. In Amsterdam, we did a lot. ________, we ________ the Van Gogh museum. I ________ it was really interesting. _____________________, I _________ some things from the museum shop. We had lunch outside.
__________, our teachers _________ us on a tram into the old part of the city. We ________ the candals and the old buildings. Then we had to get the coach back to Rotterdam to catch the ferry home. I ______________ to leave!



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. buy
2. have
3. not have
4. not sleep
5. visit
6. have
7. nie wiem
8. after breakfast
9. travel
10. first of all
11. see
12. think
13. in the afternoon
14. take
15. before lunch
16 take
17. arrive lub leave, ale tu dokładnie nei wiem
18. not want

Co do niektórych nie jestem pewna, więc jeszcze sobie sprawdź...ale mam nadzieje, ze pomogłam;P
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