Dublin - a city of history and culture

Dublin is a city full of relics from the Victorian era and Middle Ages, poprzeplatanych elements of modern architecture. It is a city of great cultural traditions which are still cultivated.
Dublin's literary traditions include the names of Shaw, Yeats, Joyce and Beckett'a who were born in this city. Oscar Wilde was also a resident of the capital of Ireland.
Baile Atha Cliath is also a city of many musical talents. Hence come such U2, The Chieftains, The Dubliners. Here began his career Chris de Burgh (singing in one of the clubs while studying at Trinity College). Dublin's attractions are many museums and galleries, countless pubs and cafes, and many places to recall to mind the essence of Irish culture and history. While in Dublin, we can not visit the Museum of Guinness, Jamesson'a, the Cathedral of St.. Patrick Dublinii, Castle, Phoenix Park and many other historical sites.

tears are in Dublin, so that work here and so just to visit this city, you simply have to find moments of time for sightseeing. City at the beginning seems to be very attractive to tourists but to discover it piece by piece provides many unforgettable aesthetic experience.
Districts of Dublin

Dublin is divided into postal zones. Initially, no answer away from the zone center. As the city (especially in recent years), this rule has been slightly compromised, but still the lowest numbers are in direct proximity to the heart of the city, while the higher the number, this distance is greater. Due to the fact that the "center" of the city are regarded around the IFSC and O'Connell's, which are located in the east of the city, higher numbers are located in the western part (Come to this rule are also sometimes exceptions)

Another rule for granting postal numbers is such that even numbers are south of the River Liffey and the odd north of it.

It is generally believed that the southern part of Dublin is more "exclusive" and this is reflected both in the actual architecture, the social status of inhabitants and rental rates. The northern part of Dublin is considered to be more "authentic" but it is also much less secure
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Ireland is famous for its Irish-dancing, Irish church.
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