Kto potrafi pisac wypracowania z angielskiego?Poziom kl.2 gimnazjum!
Mam takie polecenie: " Write about your life. Organize your essay into paragraphs and try to use linkers and reference. W razie potrzeby mogę wysłać teks przykładowy który jest w podręczniku i na jego podstawie trzeba to napisać!



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi. My name's (tu wpisz twoje imię). I'm eleven and I come from Poland. I live in (tu wpisz swoją miejscowość lub miasto) and I go to school there. I have a sister, her name is (tu wpisz imię siostry). She's 2. She's is very noisy. She gets up first, wants to eat first, always cries when she sees I've got something new. Oh, it's a horror!
My Mum,(wpisz imię mamy), is 34 and she is at home now. She looks after (imię siostry) but she also works when she has some free time, especially when (imię siostry) is asleep. My Mum is a translator. She translates books and articles from German into Polish. When she has a break she comes to my room and we talk, play board games or read books together.
My Dad is an engineer. He programs machines and they do what he wants them to do. It's hard work but it's fun. He travels all over the world because the machines are everywhere.
My best friends are (imiona twoich przyjaciół) We go to the same school together. They always helps my with my homework when I'm in trouble.
I really like my family, friends and my life very much!