Being eco-friendly is very important nowadays as our environment is getting more and more polluted. There are many ways in which we can do it.
First of all, we should buy goods marked with eco-labels which means products don't damage environment. They are often made of recycled materials what is another advantage of them.
Secondly, we should reduce using cars which produce exhaus fumes. Instead of them we can use bikes. It will save fuel and in addition we will stay fit.
Good idea is to replace traditional light-bulbs for more energy-efficent ones, turn down the heating and don't use air-coditioning if it is not really necesarry.
Another thing we have to remember about is saving water. We should take short showers instead of baths, fix leaking toilets or taps, wash clothes only if we wasching machine is fully loaded.
To cup it all, we can't forget about sorting out rubbish not to mention not throwing the litter away especially in the woods or the beaches.
In conclusion, taking care of environment is essential part of being eco-friendly. If we don't want to pollute our planet, we have to take steps and work together for change.

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