Napisz po angielsku O tym jak sie przenieśliśmi przez time machine do 1777 r lub innym <ale też który był bardzo dawno> Napisz co tam było np:Byłay tam telewizory, radia itp>tylko prawda lub dinozaury..

Prosze mam to na dzisiaj...Tak cos na 5 klase podstawówki



IN 1777 there weren't tv sets. There were a lot of people which were very dangerous.They wanted to kill me and I had to escape.Then I saw a man who was a president and he helped me. I saw museums and theaters, I saw first car in the world.Then I come to my times ;)

Events in the world

* Jan. 3 - Revolutionary War: Americans beat the British at the Battle of Princeton.
* June 14 - The Continental Congress recognized the Stars and Stripes as the official flag of the United States.
* July 2 - Vermont was the first American state abolished slavery.
* July 6 - U.S. Revolutionary War: the battle ended with Fort Ticonderoga.
* July 23 - Casimir Pulaski landed in America.
* Sept. 17 - Revolutionary War United States: the battle of Saratoga.
* Oct. 7 - U.S. Revolutionary War: Battle of Saratoga the British and American troops, ended American victory. British Corps capitulated on October 17.
* Dec. 17 - France recognized the independence of the United States of America.
* Dec. 19 - Continental Army led by Washington began wintering at Valley Forge.
* Dec. 24 - James Cook discovered the island of Christmas.
* Antoine Lavoisier scored the sulfur elements.


* March 15 - Joseph Sowinski, a Polish general, commander of redoubts in Wola, Warsaw (d. 1831)
* August 14 - Hans Christian Ørsted, Danish physicist and chemist (d. 1851)
* December 23 - Alexander I, Emperor of Russia and the Polish king (d. 1825)


* February 24 - Joseph And The reformer king of Portugal (b. 1714)
* September 25 - Johann Heinrich Lambert, mathematician, philosopher, physicist and astronomer born Swiss French (b. 1728)
* Oct. 12 - Alexander Sumarokov, Russian dramatist and poet (b. 1717)