My the best hoolidays.
My last hoolidays spend with my famiy and friends on Sea.
We drave to Kołobrzeg in Monday, we travel by car, becouse is very comfortable.
In first day we went to beach and all day swam in Sea, was wonderfull.
temerature was very high. Evenig we went to disco. My cousin met friends with school. I very like dancing that I spend all evening dance.
Next day we slept very long becouse disco was very long. We come back to hotel 7 a.m.
I wake up first and I see that raining. I was very bad. I went to shop and met small dog, witch went behind for me. Dog was very beautiful. I take this dog to hotel and show it my family and friends. Evryone was happy that I help small dog.
About 10 o'clock we went to beach and dog with me. We was on beach all day,I and my new friend dog spend the best hoolidays in my live.
Dog is my family to day. Everyone very it love.
I gave it name Azor. Today Azor is my best friend.
Last hoolidays was the best for me, thank this travel I have beautiful Dog.