• Użytkownik Zadane
1. I love volleyball.
2. It's my pasion.
3. I love it.
4. This is amazing.
5. This is a wonderful and the best sport.
6. Volleyball it's a the best sport.
7. I like my teen.
8. We are very friendly.
9. My favourite friend in volleyball is a Magda.
10. We love volleyball very much.
11. She is the best player in us teen.
12. She's very good.
13. This is my friend and idol.
14. I want a game just Magda.
15. I like game with her.
16. My favourite star of vallehyball is Agata Mróz.
17. She's Polish.
18. She's very pretty, and game very good.
19. She's brilliant.
20. My favourite men of the volleyball is Mariusz Wlazły.
21. He's good looking.
22. I've got him big poster in my room.
23. I love him.
24. He's great!
25. The teen girls in volleyball with Poland are great!
26. I like "Złotka".
27. They are so amazing!
28. They've got a excelent trener.
29. Volleyball is my live.
30. I love this, because this is everything or me.