Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Polish Easter is on the 4th and 5th of April. We start with breakfast. We eat eggs,white sausages,ham,salt and pepper,butter lamb,salads,bread and sweets. On our tables there are mazurek cakes and bunnies. After that we go to church. We celebrate the Resusrection of Jesus. We are very happy. Next day is wet Monday. People use water to wake up each other. This is typical Polish tradition. Everybody meet families and friends.

Ey pisałam to dziś z nauczycielką od angielskiego. Więc jest dobrze. ;D
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Oldest and most important Christian holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Weeks preceding it, which is the most important time of remembrance for the events of the Christian faith, is called Holy Week. The last three nights of the week: Maundy Thursday (evening), Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Sunday of the Resurrection are known as the Easter Triduum (Paschale Triduum). In Christianity, although every Sunday is a memorial of Christ's Resurrection but the Resurrection Sunday is the most solemn of them.
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