Write your composition about the future.

Pharagraph 1 (A better life?) : In my opinion ...
Pharagraph 2 (Actions and consequences) : I think it's important that ....
Pharagrapf 3 :(Conclusion) : In general I feel ...

Proszę o rzetelnie napisane wypracowanie na ok. 2 strony.
Tylko nie używajcie gotowców z neta ! ;)
Daję najjj ;D



In my opinion, life should be better in many respects. Mr teachers should be better and not such as are blackbirds. Things should last 12 months and should not be a lesson to the house. The school should be burned and must be inferred from the rubble of houses Director. We should mention the director and all teachers. Our school dress should be a bikini. Overall, life is sucks when you go to school. Crop sit at home on your computer sits and ready to download from the Internet tasks. This task is also a cash and specifically to teach you a lesson I write stupidity. Very sorry lady teacher who had read it. Please put a well-deserved scores.
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