Niedźwiedź brunatny:
Brown bear (Ursus arctos) - a species of predatory mammal family niedźwiedziowatych. It reaches from 1.5 to 3 meters long [3], to 1.25 m in height and from 130-700 kg body weight [3]. Thick hair, the color red-haired, brown, black or silver.Originally inhabited the whole of Europe, now in the south-western Europe cut off [4]. It occurs in inaccessible mountain forests in Eurasia and North America, to northern Mexico.Prepare yourself for the winter den called gawrą and hibernate in winter, which from time to time you may wake up. He lives alone, only in pairs during the mating period. In winter, the female gives birth usually 2-3 young, which takes care of until the next litter. A female with young is sometimes particularly dangerous.

Sarna, the European roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) - a species of mammal parzystokopytnego the deer family. One of the most important game animals in Europe. The female is called a goat, a male goat or a cuckold, young and koźlętami.The current range of the species covers Europe, Asia Minor and the Caspian Sea region. In Asia, there is a close relative with her Siberian roe deer, until recently considered a subspecies of roe deer. Ranges of both species adjacent to each other in the mountains of the Caucasus.Sarna is a medium-sized animal with a slim body, long legs (tubes), red-brown coat in summer, gray-brown or gray-yellow in winter, with white or yellowish stain (mirror) on the buttocks. In Germany and the Netherlands are found specimens of the black coloration, and the entire range of the white or spotted. Hoofs small, sharply pointed. Fingers side are set high, not touching the ground.

Otters (Lutrinae) - predatory mammals of the Mustelidae family found almost all over the world, adapted to ziemnowodnego lifestyle. In Poland, the European otter is encountered.Body elongated, with long, strong tail. The fingers are connected by membrane. Different species of otters inhabit all continents except Australia. In such a diverse arrangement helped them the ability to passage of large areas of water, including sea bays. One species has adapted to life in the sea. It is the hookah (sea otter). Kałany almost never come ashore. They feed, sleep and breed in marine bays.

Great Spotted Woodpecker (Dendrocopos major) - a species of bird in the middle woodpecker family. It lives in all of Europe, forests of northern and central Asia and northern Africa. Essentially sedentary, although part of the population wanders showing invasiveness.Bird the size of a Mockingbird. Rump, tail, wings, back and top of head black. In males the back of the head bright red, lateral stripe, which is not the female. The lower part of abdomen and dock in the bright red color. On the neck two white spots, as well as stress on the shoulders of rectrices.

Badger (badger, Meles Meles) - a species of predatory mammal of the Mustelidae family.Badger is omnivorous. Its main foods are roots, mushrooms, acorns, snails, worms and all kinds of insects and their larvae. Eats the young rabbits, hares, birds and birds' eggs, as well as the usual carrots, beets, potatoes and tubers, all fruits and berries.Badger is in the forests of Eurasia (in Poland). Takes refuge for the wooded area, in particular, mixed and deciduous forests with rich undergrowth, surrounded by fertile fields. He loves to stay close to wetlands and water.Badger leads nightlife, day sits in a hole, or rather holes in the chamber. Nora is often a very complicated structure [4]. The main chamber is often maintained by several winding corridors and entrance to them from the outside are far away from each other. It is very clean unlike fox dens. All the dirt from the hole throws out and their manure is excreted to a small hole called latrines, which are not buried. Latrines dug in the vicinity of the burrow. With the advent of frost badger sleeps in the burrow. Hibernation is not continuous, since on warming wakes up and comes out of the hole, to satisfy the desire or something to catch. During hibernation badger lives accumulated in the body fat, thus losing weight up to 7 kg.