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1. good It such a we to wanted it again. was film that see
2.She happy see was were to us we glad we went. so that
3. play such an ending we all The had exciting surprised. that were
4. that find station so we couldn't you. The was busy
5. was cold weather so that was ice. river The the



1.It was such a good that we wanted to see it again.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.It was a such good film that we wanted see it to again.
2.She was happy, so that we wre to see us glad went.
3.The play had exciting an ending that we all were such an suprised.
4.The busy station was so that we couldn't find you.
5.The weather was cold so that was the river ice.

Nie jestem pewna czy dobrze...;))