My favourite movie is "The Twiligh"
This movie is a magical storie about oryginal love two people.
Young and not so pretty girl, Bella removed to her dad to the city where is raining by more then 250 days in year.
New house, school, friends, everything is changed in her life then worst, she things.
But her attention fixes a boy different then others.
Bella is very clumsy and is still falling in troubles, from which amazing boy, Edward is saves her.
Bella can't stop think about him. He's very mysterious, what is a prime thing, which she is intresting. She want to know everyting about him.
But what, if a man, who she falls in love with, is a beast??
What, if Edwart is a hungry of blood vampire??
Does this love can survive??
If you want to know, you must see it:)

Nie opisałam Ci zakonczenia, bo jeśli opowiadasz komuś o filmie i chcesz go namówić do obejrzenia go, to raczej nie zdradzasz zakonczenia, bo wtedy cała frajda się ulatnia:)
A film is my favourite film Fri. Twilight . Very much I like this film, since it is of film in which many twists are. There also wonderful actors which very well are impersonating their forms are playing. In the film the one in which Edward is saving the Belli life is my favourite moment. The film is full of emotions and he is really worth watching. Since when I saw the first part of the film Fri. very much I wanted Twilight of watching next sections, since the film very much interested me. From everyone for the figure the most I liked the Belli figure. Bella, she was very brave and she could devote everything behind love. I am telling everyone to watch this film he is wonderful. There was the second part of the film recently the also wonderful new moon film the same as his first part.