My dream job must primarily involve travel, trips to various corners of the Polish and the world, exploring and intercourse with other boats. I would like to work with inspiring people who can learn a lot, this work must provide unlimited possibilities for development and must be a challenge for me, giving a sense that it fully utilizes its possibilities. It should also involve the possibility of a rapid acquisition of practical knowledge and at the same time rely on doing many projects
from different disciplines, so that I even for a short while he felt the shadow of boredom.
I am interested in the work, as the man responsible for winning new customers and markets. A company in which I would like to start my career is located in Zawiercie
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I would be a detective, when I was a child.
Why?? I can't say clear, because answer for this question isn't clear.
When I was a child, I loved read books about Sherlock Holms.
He was my favourite hero. I imagined, that someone want to employs me and I need to follow someone's wives, who weren't unfaithful to their husbands, gangsters, who did a lot of evil, employers, who didn't do clear intereses. That's all to find a reasons to send them to the prison. That was very excited fo me. This all detective equipment. Dangerous, which is inseparable element of this kind of occupation. And of course prestige this job. I would want to be policeman and catch malefactors, but be the policeman would be every young boy in my class, but I would be exceptional and do something oryginal. That was my big dream and I didin't imagine that I can do anything else. Now I try to attended to the policemans school, when I'll fished it and I'll done everything necessary courses I'll would to open my own detective offis and follow lost children, unfaithful wives or gangster. Maybe, I catch someone dangerous criminal and then I'll would be someone's hero like Holms was my.