Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Like last year, the company IBM has published a list of five technologies that radically change our lives over the next five years.

This year's list of Next Five in Five is as follows:

Energy saving technologies to help reach the asphalt, paint and windows: microcircuits converting solar energy will become part of building facades and roofs, and even appear in the form of thin film cells dissolved in paint.

The crystal ball will keep your health: five years the doctors will be able to carry out genetic analysis of every patient and indicate what the environment or food should be avoided.

Talk to the Internet: radically change the way of surfing. The end of the mouse, touchpad and even the "manual" navigation - we will give voice commands, and not just computers. So-called VoiceSites voice will give information and not display them.

Personal assistant in a shop: customers do not have to sit on the tips and suggestions for the retailer when buying clothes. Lively assistant becomes necessary only after the selection: first wardrobe will be virtually complete by using the appropriate terminal; later - with the fitting room - can send the picture to friends who will judge the present in new clothes. Only at the end of the call to the vendor, who delivers the goods.

No to forget: a new generation of digital assistants can easily record not only the contents of a business card, but business or private conversations, or even loosely thrown observations. This information, collected through a cell, laptop, PDA or other device, and analyzed by computer, will remind, that in just a drugstore mijanej (detected by the GPS module in the smartphone) should buy deodorant (because that ends mentioned in the bathroom przed mirror).
IBM Corporation for the second time presented a list of "IBM Next Five in Five", describing the five most important - according to the company - technology and research areas, which over the next five years will lead to a change in lifestyle, working methods and how to spend free time. Big Blue has developed its list by analyzing market trends and social and observing what most interested in research in laboratories and at universities.
So what will change our lives? Here is the complete statement:

Ease and cost of being a "green" intelligent power management techniques not only reduce their consumption and ultimately help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also help save money in the household budget.

Changing the way we travel by car: the new navigation technology in combination with improvements in methods of data will help avoid traffic jams, speed up the move to increase road safety and reduce pollution.

Information about food: improving sensor systems will oversee the entire process of food production and transport; customers shop will be able to acquaint themselves with conditions in which the product was created lying on the shelf.

Mobile phones: Mobile devices will become guides in a foreign city, credit cards, advisers when shopping - and of course the more-disabled communication tools.

New medical technology: would physicians had more accurate information about you through the three-dimensional, individual pictures of each individual test and diagnostic instruments in superczułe such as microphones or equipment for 3D imaging.
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