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Mam nadzieję, że oto Ci chodziło, że jest dobrze.
Pozdrawiam <3

My ideal house is very big. There are fourteen rooms. In over room is fantastic TV. There are eight bathrooms with jacuzzi.. I love light colors so in my house are lot of green, yellow and orange walls. In one of these rooms will be large cinema, where I will watch films with my friends and family.
There are very spacious kitchen because I like cooking very much. I will do delicious dishes.
In my ideal house live three dogs ( Stella, Kelly, Sarah ) and four cats ( Miki, Sissy, Fluffy and Tom ), because I love pets very much.
In this house must be big garden with beautiful plants, flower. I like looking after plants.
There is amazing swimming pool, where I will swim every night.
The prime thing in my house is private library. I love reading books so I must have lot of books, magazines. I hope that I will be able live in house like this.