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Kamil hello.
organizing a party for which I would like to invite you. event will take place in my house 25.05.2010 year. whole shares will begin August 19th at There will something for everyone. There will be various attractions also everyone will have something for everyone. one of them will be Eminem's performance was well-known artist. will be various contests and interesting prizes:) will be a lot of friends from the school year. will come your buddies. David also will also wish you'd also appeared. surely you know that I am doing is not kitsch:) pier lighthouse with solar Warszawa: P ps. event is to celebrate the view of the license will also be coarsely:) opijemy is as yet nothing had happened; pEminem will sing his greatest hits and with it will be several other performers. cherry on the cake will be the performance of the band paramore:) believe that the whole event will be in the atmosphere:) And one more attraction, and the first obejzymy last episode of "Fashion for success."
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Way Anna, I would like to invite you on my birthday. It will be held Dec. 18 at a restaurant in Miastko Marysieńka the 3rd ulicy.Konopnickiej Beginning at the 17th Come my friends and my closest rodzina.Będzie many attractions I tańce.Jestem music and some that come to me for a long time no see. you arrive the day before he showed me around and where you will be my party to quickly urodzinowe.Czekam odpowiedz.i I am sure that you would come to my party and kisses urodzinowe.pozdrowienia success at the party.