My day. In the morning I wake up and begin your morning toilet. I eat breakfast and go to school. I spend several hours there. back home in the afternoon. Helping in the home and do writing lessons. In addition, often meet up with friends, watch TV and play on my computer. My day always prepares me suprise.
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I wake up at 6.15 later I get up next I get dressed,I go the beathrom,I brush my teeth ,then wash my face,next i have breakfast leater I leave home 7.00 I go to school,I have six lessons
I go to home 14.00 leater I have dinner,Next i do my homework ,I watch TV next I go to slle .

My pisaliśmy tak :p
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My day is boring. I get up at 7 o'clock. Make the bed and brush my teeth.At quarter past seven I have breakfast. At half past seven I go to school. Finish lesson at 14 o'clock. After return to house I have dinner. After dinner I do my homework. Then I go out with my friends. At 8 p.m I play the comupter. At 11 p.m I go to sleep.
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