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I have met Mary at the beginning of the high school. She came up to me and introduced herself as our new classmate. She didn't seemed to nice at first, but later she showed to everybody how pleasant person she can actually be.
Mary doesn't look too much like other girls at our age; she looks more mature than other teenagers. She is a short and well-built person.She has tanned complexion, which you can obviously see while looking at her round face. Her hair is long, straight and dark brown. She wears mostly smart clothes, however you can also meet her in loose clothes from time to time.
Mary has a great personality. Firstly, she is a great listener and devoted friend. She always have the time to listen to her friend's problems and give an objective opinion. Moreover, she is extramely creativ and ambitious. Mary can create something out of nothing and she always achive her goals, even if it is extramely difficult. My friend is also a very warm and loving person; however, she is also stubborn, what sometimes makes it difficult to convince her that she also makes mistakes.
Mary is very activ intelectually. Whenever she is not busy with phisical work, her mind is always busy with politics or economy. She can spends hours on reading news from the stock exchange and so forth. Once in a time, however, Mary loves to just simply chill out and go out.
All in all, to my mind, Mary is the best friend I could ever find. She has a huge influence on my life and the way I see the world around me. Thanks to her, I am more open-minded and flexible in life. I am very greatful to have her as my friend, even though I hate it when she says I have to learn more.
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