Napisz tekst, który ma 150 słów o mojej szkole informacje z których macie korzystać to:
- nazwa szkoły Im. Stanisława Ligonia
- dyrektor szkoły : pani U. Lamik
- wychowawca pani G. Kołacz
- sala gimnastyczna
- i co się podoba w szkole

Proszę o pomoc ;)



I attend to Stanisław Ligoń's school. The headteacher is mrs U.Lamik. My class teacher is mrs G.Kołacz. In the school there is a big gym. It's very nice and modern. That's why we go for PEs lesson with pleasure. I like this school because of very good atmosphere between students. They are very tolerant and friendly. You can always count on their help. For example if you have some hardships about lessons. Teachers are also quite nice. They are sometimes too strict but more often they are alright. They never make your mark lower than it should be. That's why I respect them. I like the school also because of the building. It's spacious and new. It's more pleasant to learn in such a place than in an old and dingy one. I wouldn't change my school for any other and I will be very sad when I'll have to leave it.
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My school is called to them. Stanislaus Ligonia. The director of this school is Mrs. U. Lamik. The school is quite large. My class teacher is Mrs. G. Kołacz. The teachers teach very well and raise the school's students. Everyone respects CODE pupil. The school rarely are fights and rarely comes to police intervention. The school is very large gym. It is not only intended to exercise but also to engage in various kinds of sports. At school, the most I like the approach of teachers to classes. Very good teaching, but also able to laugh sometimes pupil. I like to break. Then I talk with friends. I like my school because it is unique. Very happy I go to it.
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