Recenzja filmu lub książki której bohaterem jest postać historyczna która odegrała ważną role w życiu religijnym lub politycznym swojego kraju .po angielsku. lub opisz uroczystość związaną z obchodami święta państwowego również po angielsku



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
The film is beginning with stage, in which officials of the secret police in former Communist countries are shooting in the forest at the young man: – it is not a thug, it is a knight – a father is explaining to short Jerzy. Later the little boy on the grandma's attic is lowering himself above „ with Knight of the Mary Immaculate ” (writing working for the prewar period accused often of the anti-Semitism) and everything is becoming clear – both assigning the child, and his fate, and the solid foundation of straight, peasant comrades which will influence on of him more late „ knight's ” for attitude. Authors of the film are making Jerzy's priest Popiełuszko to the God's simpleton. – for me for studies? – they are vowing film Jerzy (Adam Woronowicz physically similar to the priest of Popiełuszko). – after all I through one barely I forced my way through! And at least a meaning of sermons of the priest – neither his action – he isn't pointing, so that a simple peasant son being driven by a heart, rather than a mind writes them, a hero of Wieczyński isn't an intellectual – it is a knight for the Mary Immaculate. „ Popiełuszko ” 80 is concentrating on years., for ripening of the priest for the politics, for game with the SB, the secret police in Communist Poland, for growing of danger. it, what in „ for Popiełuszko ” he is hitting above all, it is a weather of the nostalgia for times, when the Church exercised the rule over people's hearts and minds in Poland. When to the presbytery educated persons were eager, artists, workers, students united against a common enemy (members of the secret police in Communist Poland are repulsive even in terms of physics). Clearly also from the screen longing for the monolithic society is beating – and rather than that with nation. Of no of outlook differences, ones national-Catholic values – Wieczyński most clearly is dreaming of the return to such bond. For me completely not.

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