Hej :)
On the visible image are two people:
man and woman. Both boards are
holding snowboards. The woman is
wearing yellow pants and a black jacket
with stripes. Male has black pants and
a brown jacket. It is the period winters
Man looks around himself.
A woman improves her hair:)
Both are in good being.
the man behind them.
He also holds the hope of snowboards
On the back is a black backpack with red and blue jacket.

Pozdrawiam :)
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In the picture I can see two people. A man and a woman. They are holding snowboards. The man has got black trousers and a brown jacket. He's got a helmet to protect his head. The woman has got yellow trousers and a black jacket with a lot of colourful stripes. Her cap fitts her jacket. In their surroundings there is a lot of snow. They are laughing. I think they are spending her free time very nice.
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In this picture we see two people: a girl and boy. A woman is wearing a yellow pants and a black jacket with stripes. A man is wearing a brown jacket and black trousers. Both have the goggles. They are holding snowboards. Behind them we see other people. A woman behind them has a red backpack.Girl and boy are walking in the snow.