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-Hi! I look for modern apartment in big city.
-You can buy larhe apartment in central Warsaw. The flat is very comfortable. The flat has bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room. The apartment costs about 1 million dollars. In the Sobieski 24 street in Warsaw you find estate agent, which help you find good aprtment.
-Hello.I was in london in last week. I saw strange building. The building hasn't windows and inside was very dark. The building was bungalow and datached house. When I went into building, I met David Becham. I went to him and I ask about autograph. He gave me fotograph with autograph. I was very pleased with visit in this place. I am very happy, because I met my fauvourity football player.
-Hello! In my opinion we must change windows. They are very old and in winter is very cold. Next we must repair bathroom, because exquipment is old. In my opinion we musn't paint our flat, because it is very expensive. We will change the windows. Next year we find a money on repairs.
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I'm looking for a modern..
large apartament in a central ww.
przy tych opisach mieszkań powinno zamiast the być that
agent which can help you
2.i was in london last week.
hadn't has windows,
was a bungalow
and i asked, he gave me a photogaphy with autograph
in winter there is very cold

On the picture i can see a old-styled room.In the middle is a table made of wood, and on the table i can see some flowers, books, papers, and cups. The floor is also made of wood. On the left side, i see a wall with many pictures, and on left corner there is a small table with some cards, and printer. In the background is a big old wardrobe with a mirror, and on the left is a window. Room looks really nice, and i will want to have rooms like this on the picture in my house.