1. To the marriage ceremony something old, new and beneficial must be, there will be happiness then. - Do ślubu musi być cos starego, nowego i pożytecznego - wtedy będzie szczęście.
2.A sprinkled salt is a certain row - Wysypana sól to pewna awantura.
3.The bridegroom before the marriage ceremony cannot see the dress of a bride. - pan młody przed ślubem nie moze widzieć sukni ślubnej panny młodej.
4.Into the Christmas Eve it is necessary to put scales into the wallet from the carp, it will provide with money all through the year. - W Wigilie trzeba włożyć do portfela łuski od karpia, zapewni to pieniadze przez cały rok.
5. When a dead person lies through Sunday, it is a next build funeral. - Jak umarły leży przez niedzielę to nastepny pogrzeb murowany.

Niestety nie znam takich przesądów na 5 zdań, ale możesz sobie te co ci napisąłam rozinać. Mam nadzieję że chociaż troche pomogłam.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. Young people believe that first letter on their matural exam needs to be writed left hand and ball pen, which is borrowed from someone else. That must be a good omen for favourable pass this exam. Young people believe, if they do this, they'll pass exam that well, like they want, but I think that this isn't true, because people can pass exam only as good as they have necessary knowledge.

2. People think that weather can predict. In Poland we have lots of superstitions about this. When day of st Barbara is frosty and on the streets is ice, that it means Christmas will be whatout snow.

3. when married couple come in their new house is very important to look who is first. This, who is first behind doorsill, will be boss in this relationship. or another predict abot it. Befoure door from wedding house parents married couple greet their and in dwo glasses are vodka and water. This, who drinks vodka will be boss in this marriage.

4. A bed omen is black cat, which is walked befoure your way. Black cats were associate with witches, who were doing only bad things, so black cat, which run your way will bring a disasper for you and your family

5. The worst is a number thirteen. And the best is figure seven. Seven is a figure perfectly. Is a symbol of harmony and foretells only good events. But number thirteen is the worst of every numbers. At Friday of thirteenth is a day when you can meet only bad happened.
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