You: Hi!
Thomas: Hi!
Suzie: Hi!
You: How are you? How are you spending your holidays?
Suzie: Thanks, we are fine. We are resting and relaxing.
Thomas: Yeah. We're going to go for a trip to Brazil but we don't know how we should attend to it.
You: The best way is to check some offers in a travel agency. It'll be the cheapest, the quickest and the most comfortable method for spending holidays there.
Suzie: Do you think so?
You: Yes, of course. I know it from my experience. I travelled a lot on many various ways but the best ones were when from travel agencies.
Thomas: That's fine! I find it's a brilliant idea!
You: Oh, you just have to know that there will be a lot of formalities like filling up some forms, signing contracts etc. But it's the only disadvantage of it.
Suzie: You are great! We would never think about it!
Thomas: Yeah. It's a fact! Thanks mate!
You: That's no problem! Instead of wasting time for thanking me better go to the travel agency and take care of your holidays!
Suzie: Hehe.. Yes, you're right. We will.
Thomas: Yes honey. Let's go there right now!
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Me: I guess honor is not a great idea on how I fell
1: no talk soon
2, no further more
me: so I got a brochure walking through town with a trip to Egypt, what do you know
1, no invisible
I: is wondering what's the price is great, everything in it and no one going without the parents do not control you you can do what you do not want nobody says do not do it you're free and see this trendy hotel will be catering and everything and how to disagree
2, I would not be so sure and who we are is not worth the price of our pocket again
1, 2 is just right if you thought about it and after that, afraid to fly
I: Take no vacation is a trip for a full 2 months I was to learn everything in a travel agency guarantee zajefajna triad is 5 meals a day and all for free and we can go to bed with whom we want to advance and we will pay for 2 weeks
2, and we take this to the kad kase

me: I say we are working on holidays this kożyść fly to Egypt EGYPT is what do you do it for me
1: good actually, this office has a fantastic offer il talk to parents
2: I also agree, and tomorrow I will give you the answer
me: thanks i know that I can count on you for tomorrow

nie wiem czy dobrze, ale raczej tak