I had a wonderful time last weekend.
I went to the Disneyland with my family. We travelled there by plane. We stayed in a Sleping Beauty Castle.
On Saturday, I and my brother drove small cars around a guided track and we rode in spaceship-like cars armed with infrared laser guns. In the afternoon me and my family watched "Honey, I Shrunk the Audience". It's a 3-D movie that serves as a sequel to "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids". It was wonderful day.
On Sunday, we went to a Fantasyland. First, we went to a Mad Tea Party. It's a spinning tea cup. We played at small turntables here. Then we went to a King Arthur Carrousel. We had great fun. Later, we went to a Matterhorn Bobsleds. We rode a Fantasyland track and a Tomorrowland track. At 8 o'clock we come back.
I enjoyed my weekend very much.
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On Friday evening, I always stay in.I usually do my MOnday homeworl.I always send text messages to my friend. I sometimes listen to rock or pop music.

On Saturday I sometimes go to the cinema with my friend. Then I watch TV witch my familly.I with my familly go to the park.In the evening I go to sleepover to my best friend.

On Sunday I hardly ever get up early.I always go to the church.Then I usually visit to my grandparents.In the evening I play computer games and watch romantic or comedy films.

Jest chyba równo 100 słów.
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I loved that weekend.
On Friday I went to the party with my friends.We were on the concert my favourite band "Cult".
On Saturday I got up at 11 am and I ate a breakfast with my family. In the afternoon I was walking with my dog ang I met a friedn so i went with them to the cinema. We watched really nice film "This is it".
On Sunday I went to my grandma to the hospital, because she is very ill and i was talking with her obotu her favourite soap opera "The bold and the beautiful" Later I went to home and I was doing my homework.
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