Favourite kind of music

I like listening to the music. I don't what I would do if there was no music. Whatever I do the radio is beside me. The only place where I can't listen to my favourite pieces of music is school. I don't have any specifications of what I listen to. The only kind of music I really can't stand is polish "disco polo". Exept this, I tolerate all other sorts of music. I like sit down in my armchair and turn on my stereo. I usually listen to the radio but if there is nothing interesting on I put CD in a slot and play music loudly. Sometimes my neighbours are really angry with me about disturbing them.
In our time music is very popular hobby. Teenagers like pop music, disco... But I love rock and metal. My favourite rock/metal group is Evanescene, Slayer, Metallica, AC/DC, Myslovitz and singer-Marilyn Manson. A lots of people don't tolerate this music. Metal has got a subculture- Metalworkers. Metalworkers has wear black trousers, glans, black t-shirts with name group and long hair. In future I want be a Metalworker. I have a lots of friends who are Metalworkers. They demonstrate me this music. I hate pop music, disco polo. I don't like reggae. I love rock and metal. I like blues.

Myślę, że nie przekracza to 160 słów :)