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Monday - Kristin morning : see the dentist
Tuesday - Kristin evening: swim
Wednesday - Mike afternoon: meet Christina
Thursday - Mum and Dad evening: have dinner with Jack and Sylvia
Friday - Kristin afternoon: play volleyball
Saturday - Dad tidy the house

1.It's Monday morning. What's Kristin doing?
She's seeing the dentist
2.It's Tuesday evening. What's Kristin doing?
3.It's Wednesday afternoon. What's Mike doing?
4.It's Thursday evening. What are Mum and Dad doing?
5.It's Friday afternoon. What's Kristin doing?
6.It's Saturday. What's Dad doing?



2 She's swimming.
3 He's meeting Christina
4 They're having dinner with Jack and Sylvia
5 She's playing volleyball.
6 He's tiding the house.
2.She's swimming.
3.He's metting Christina.
4.They're having dinner with Jack and Sylvia.
5.She's playing volleyball.
6.He's tidying the house.
1 4 1
2.She's swimming on Tuesday evening.
3. Mike's meeting Christina on Wednesday afternoon.
4. They are having dinner with Jack and Sylvia.
5. She's playing volleyball.
6. Dad is tiding the house.
1 4 1