Imagine you are studying at a language school in the UK, USA or Australia. Write an e-mail to an English-speaking friend.
Write about :
- your trip to the UK, USA or Australia
- the school, classes and teachers
- new friends
- a reason to finish the letter



Subject : Poland

Here I am in Australia! I flew here am Monday. The flight was really long but exciting. I stayed with my parents there. Yesterday I went with my mum to the shop centre - it was fantastic. Tomorrow we are going to the cinema - the first one.
Sudbury Valley School is okey - the level isn't too hight for me ;) Tomorrow I'll be on the first dancing classes- I'm very happy. We have to train every day because we have got a competition next month. My dance teacher is very funny. She is called Anna Boberek. Yesterday we watched her in the TV !
I' m sharing a room with my friend - July. She's very good at Maths - next week she will takeing part in the Math competition.
Well, now I'm going to bed. I have to rest because tomorrow I've got three exams !

See ya !
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