My kitchen is quite big. I have big cupboards in it in the brown colour. On the cupboard by the window a microwave is standing. By her a high refrigerator in which something will always be is standing to food. On against windows are being found dlugi table which can sit by of about eight persons. Walls in the kitchen are painted yellow. Tiles are big and bright. Very much I like to spend time in my kitchen because he is naprawde wonderful.

proszeem ;D
mam nadzijee że pomogłaam :*
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My kitchen is medium. A fridge is on the left and a table with four chairs are next to it. On the left there is a cupboard with dishes. Glassed shelf is hanged over it. In the last corner there is a shelf with a kitchen sink and a gas-stove. There are also shelves hanged over those. Because of my small bathroom my washmashine is in the kitchen too. A clothes basket is standing netx to the table. The furniture are light brown. A linoleum is similar to wooden panels. The walls are yellow and orange.

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