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I am vacating my house and I am going millet of 100 metres with Short street. When I will reach the corner of streets Short and I am screwing Koeln together to the right. I am going along this street of about 500 metres. When I will reach the intersection I am going still straight entering to the Church street. Later I am going straight about 400 metres. Crossing railway track lines I am turning right. Going along street first the May much of shops. On the right-hand side they are these are among others an online shop and a shop zoological. On the left they are these are a fishing shop, a shoe shop and a boutique. When I will pass these all shops I am turning into the Beautiful street. Going along this street I am passing the police station. Leading to the intersection I am turning left going farther along the Bird's street. I am reaching until the end of the Bird's street I am turning right to the Falcon's street. At the Falcon's street he is located centrm commercial which I aimed at.

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If only to reach a shopping centre you must come off to the east of the house. Going out you must cross the street and go along it all the way to the mail. Of course into the right side this street managing. When you reach the intersection, one should turn left and cross the street. In order to reach with shorter way one should at once cross the bridge how he will be noticed. At the end of this street a shop should stand "ladybird" both we are passing by this shop, turning left and a lane which we are accessing should appear. We are pretending ourselves with this lane until I hurry myself a bench will appear with the table, next we are passing by the bench to the east of the fountain. We are passing her and a bridesmaid should appear from stones which we are going up and we are pretending ourselves her. When we will see the large red building it at once if we pass by there is such river. We are going along this river and we are defeating some 0,5 kilometres, until a bridge which we are passing to the other side appears. We are coming off along this street, until we see the funfair. We are passing by him and we are going around kilometre. One should remember that we are pretending along houses ourselves. We are going in the process through two districts. There a café and a bakery are located, so we must go between them. He should be published in some moment bilbord with the inscription "caffe". We how we will only see him we should come off to the side of it. We are going above it and above the tower appearing right after it. We are passing by the town hall which is in a distance 0,5 kilometre from the tower. We are experiencing the test of the court and the bank. To remember it is necessary, that we are pretending still to the East of the city ourselves. When we see the lane of horse chestnuts we are entering her, until I appear the second road. Of course we are choosing with the one on the right-hand side and we are going through it. Suddenly he is showing forking drug and we are choosing with the one on the left. At next we are turning right and we are pretending ourselves until we see the pond. We are going him around and we are crossing the road which is on the other side stawku. We are going along the road, until we see the church. We are going to the rear of the church and we are crossing the square. Next 200 metres we are going and a gate should appear. We are going through it and we are pretending in place ourselves. We reached with shorter way to a shopping centre.

Tekst zawiera 30 zdań, a jak o kilka zdań mniej to nic, ponieważ niektóre zdania są rozbudowane, pozdrawiam. ;)
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