-What is yourfavourite dish ?
-I think it's bigos.Wall ,it is a traditional Polish dish made from cabbage ,sausage,meat and mushrooms.

-Jaka jest Twoja ulubiona potrawa.
-Sądzę że bigos.Otóż jest to tradycyjna polska potrawa przyrządzona z kapusty ,kiełbasy ,mięsa i grzybów.
My favourite food, that is brawls with the mushroom sauce. Plain dish, doesn't require the excessive attention and above all melting in the mouth. I am admitting without beating always I am licking the plate clean after him.
And what to this wonder are needed?
5 quite big mushrooms Fist of soaked dried mushrooms Big onion of
5 slices salt the c 1 cm of the thickness of the pork loin, pepper sweet and sharp Pepper, Provence herbs
2 spoonfulfuls of the flour
0.5 litre of bouillon
2 spoonfulfuls of the thick cream cooking oil
Except for the salt to stir all spices. To rub with them meat, to put the h away in half. In the meantime to peel and to cut the mushroom up for figures of eight and finely to chop soaked mushrooms up. From the soaking one should keep water they are pouring I later to the meat.
To peel onion and to cut up, who likes as. To heat oil up in the pot – I am using so with a double bottom. To stir-fry the meat from both sides on lightly gold, to throw onion in, to mix. When lightly will shine to add mushrooms and mushrooms. To stir-fry some 2 - from time to time lightly mixing 3 faces up. To water from mushrooms and with bouillon. To leave for strangling for about 30 faces. To add the salt. After the end of this time to check whether the meat is tender. At me it was quite a bit too hard, so I still crushed c 20 mines. When the meat became tender I added the cream mixt with the flour and a few spoonfulfuls of warm water. I poured it into the meat and I mixt up. When boiled I added the dill and I turned parsnips off. I gave with potatoes and the salad. It was a genius

Mam nadzieje ze sie podoba :)