• Użytkownik Zadane
My bedroom is quite big, about 3 meters. The walls are light blue. In right corner there's a big wardrobe with green doors. There's a desk near the wardrobe with a computer and lamp on it. Always I keep on my desk a lot of CDs, papers, ball pens, often dirty plates, mugs and many different not necessary things. Next to the desk there is a TV. Opposite my white door there are two windows and balcony door's. On the left of my room there is a quite big cabinet and second desk. On it there are my books and notebooks, a lot of postcards, souvenirs and two soft toys. The bed is near the windows. It's big and very comfortable. I usually have a blue duvet on it and my favourite teddy bear. On the floor I have a small, blue rug near my bed.
Always on my chair are hung clothes. Mum still and still tells me, that I would hide it, but I never was wanted. In the abstract I tidy my room once a week but often I don't do it.
My room is big and comfrotable. I have a big and brown wardrobe where I have my clothes. Next to is my bed where is sleeping now my teddy frog.On the bed I have two pillows too. Opposite the bed is my desk with computer. On the shelf I have a lot of my favourite books and my school's books and notebooks. Next to my desk is my guinea's pig cage. I have a carpet in my favourite colour - green. On the other shelf I have my frogs collect. On the sill are standing flowers and other plants.
I love my room !!! It's beatiful !