Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I recently watched this movie and I must say I was impressed. Twilight is a romantic drama. It is the adaptation os the first book in a saga Twilight written by Stephenie Meyer. Directed by Catherine Hardwicke and script by Melisa Rosenberg.

The cast is excellent. The film stars Robert Pattinson as a vampire- Edward Cullen and Kristen Stewart as Izabella Swan. The movie is set in Forks and Phoenix.

The film tells the story of Edward and Bella. Bella to lives withs her father in the rainy town of Forks. She meets the mysterious Edward Cullen. They fall in love. Edward is w beautiful and clever boy, Bella is a normal girl and they are nice teenagers. Unexpectedly, a clan of new vampiers arrive to the town. Bellas life is threatening. To starts struggle with time.

What I liked about the film was w brilliant acting abd the screenplay is excellent. The soundtrack is e wonderful, especially Carters Burwell song.

Twilight lasts two hours and it is a downless.

Od course, the film is not flawless. The some of scenes are too fantasy. Twilight was w pleasure to watch. I can thoroughly recommend this film. It is well worth seeing.

Twilight is a captivating tale of love, combining features of horror, romance, and novels about adolescence.Seventeen her heroine Bella Swan, moves to a gloomy village in the rainy state of Washington, where she meets a mysterious, extremely handsome Edward Cullen. Boy has superhuman abilities, you can not resist it and can not be read. Bella tries to get to know their dark secrets, do not realize, however, the case that this exposes herself and her friends in danger. No longer may not be long retreat ...