Witam, do napisania mam notatke o sklepach w Polsce w języku ANGIELSKIM W notatce maja sie znalezc takie informacje:

* typical shops(typowe sklepy wystepujace w polsce)
* opening hours and days(godziny i dni otwarcia)
* how to pay(czym płacimy



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!

In Poland we have the plenty of different shops. Standard shops which are in Poland are among others shops in which we can find not only dressing but also eating these shops are a Real, Tesco. there are also building shops so like of IKEA or the Obi. we can also find shops vodkas. these shops into working days are usually opening about the eight o'clock and in wekeedy at ten o'clock. in these shops we are paying with one-zloty coins.

mam nadzieje że pomogłaam :P