Przygotuj projekt swojego ulubionego miasta (na całym świecie) i jego 5 charakterystycznych budynków,rzeczy itp. (Oczywiście wszystko po angielsku) Dajcie z załącznikiem i obrazkami do każdego przedmiotu czy budynku. Plissssss



My favourite city in the world is New York. It lies on the east coast, at the mouth of the Hudson River and East River to the Gulf of New York. Regarded as a world center for such Advertising and media. New York is located in north-eastern United States, in the southeast region of New York, halfway between Washington and Boston. It is situated at the mouth of the Hudson River to the Atlantic Ocean, which at this point creates naturally protected by the quay, which helped in the development of the city as a trading. The main part of New York is located on three islands: Manhattan, Staten Island and Long Island, which has a significant impact on high density city. The Empire State Building - a skyscraper in New York in the United States. One of the most recognizable symbols of not only the city but also throughout the country. His official height is 381 meters. However, if you count the antenna located on the roof of the amount will increase to 443.2 meters. It has 102 floors and one floor underground. It was designed in art deco style. In New York, runs around 13 thousand. taxis, of which nearly 90% of Fords are the Crown Victoria. It was here, in New York began the fashion for painting yellow taxis, which over time spread to other American cities. Currently, yellow taxis are not the result of fashion, but the New York law. Cathedral of Sts. Patrick is the seat of the Archbishop of New York and the parish church in New York. It is also the largest neo-Gothic Catholic church in North America. It is located on Fifth Avenue, between Fifty-and Fifty-first street in midtown Manhattan (Midtown), exactly opposite the Rockefeller Center. Statue of Liberty statue on Liberty Island in New York at the mouth of the Hudson River. Symbol of Freedom, New York and the United States. This monumental, neo-classical building, was built between 1884-1886, designed by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdy, Gustav Eiffel (design) and Richard Morris Hunt (pedestal). This is a gift of the French nation commemorates the alliance between the two nations during the War of Independence of the United States. In 1924 he declared a national monument to the U.S., a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984. Central Park - New York City Park provides an oasis of greenery. Located in downtown Manhattan.
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