Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Last weekend I was in London.There is beautiful city.I saw very interesting places,for example:Big Ben,Old City...In London I meet friendly girl.She's name is Katie.In this moment I am in my hotel room and I talking about you with Katie:).The weather is wonderful all days.Now is sunny and warm.

Yesterday I got up at 8 o'clock. I ate my breakfast, had a shower and went to school. At school I was to 16 o'clock. Next I went shopping with my mother. When we returned, we cooked a dinner. About eight o'clock I went to the cinema with my boyfriend. Then we went for a walk. I returned to home at 23 30 . I had a shower and I went to sleep.
This year I spent my first week of holiday with my grandma, then I was gone to Dziwnowka. During 2 weeks I met a lot of interest and nice people. I liked them very much. We all stayed in camp houses. Every morning we were gone on the beach to take sunbath and later we spent time in the city. At evening there were disco, where I had a great time. we were also on the trip in Miedzyzdroje, where we walk by Boulevard of star. The end of July I was back and the rest of my holiday I spent at home, spending time with my friends. We all together were traveling on variously trips, or if there wasn't good wheather I watched TV or played on computer. Sometimes I was bored, but that was just for a little moment. That's, how holiday have passed me in this year
Yesterday I learned about Polish history.
On Saturday I played the guitar.
The past holidays spent with his grandmother in the countryside.

Yesterday I was doing homework.
On Saturday I cleaned the apartment.
In the past holiday I was in Tunisia.

Yesterday I spoke by phone with a friend.
On Saturday, I danced ballroom dancing.
In the past I was on vacation a scout camp.

Yesterday I visited the sick grandfather.
On Saturday I was on a walk in the park.
In the past holidays I learned to sing.

Yesterday baked cake.
On Saturday, riding a bike.
In the past holiday took care of a cousin.

Napisz mi jakie chciałabys zdania to wtedy je przetłumaczę.(Jeśli chcesz)