Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
"Góralska chata restaurant " is located in Jastrzebie zdrój , in wielkopolska street. This restaurant is different than rest in the neighborhood. It is decorated in a very beautiful and stylish way. All over the restaurant there are items that make you feel as if you were in a goralian hut. The walls are wooden, there are wood sculptures and other goralian decorations everywhere and in the background, the patrons can hear goralian music for example.
Even Menu Card is written in mountainous slang. The chef offers tasty. Regional dishes. The waiters are dressed in traditional podhalanski outfits and look really good in them, but the service is rather slow. However, low prices compensate for that.
Generally "Goralska... " offers great food . Relaxed and friendly atmosphere .
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"Maleńka" is a small restaurant in the city centre of Cracow. It has got a perfect location because it is in the middle of the city and at the same time it is hidden in a narrow street called Kraszewskiego Street.
It has got two rooms, one for smokers and one non-smoking. It has got wooden walls and beautiful wooden tables and chairs. The waiters wear folk clothes and everywhere in the restaurant you can see different folk things like sheep skin.
The food is great here. You can eat traditional Polish cuisine for example dumplings with cottage cheese, bigos or traditional Polish soups. The desserts are great. You can eat different cakes and ice-cream.
It is worth coming here because the atmosphere is very nice and the people are very friendly. You don't pay much for the food.
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