Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Probably March the eighth was my best school day of current year. That day at our school between boys something strange happened, something of what none of us girl didn't understand. Through three first lessons boys avoided us all like of the fire. During the fourth lesson we had a form period. When we crossed the threshold of the room as it turned out boys prepared for us great surprise. The entire room was bedecked with beautiful flowers. On the table pieces of cake were laid out. Juice in glasses poured with tubes. On you roses which later they handed out to us suited the desk. I will remember this day forever because she was it great surprise. For the evening my boy called me. I went for a walk with him. I also that day got the first kiss from it. The one day was reat with day in my life.

mam nadzijee że pomogłaam :P
szczerze mówię ze słów nie liczyłam ale chyba jest tyle co ma być mam taką nadzieeeje :P