Last week I went to school with my friend, Ann. We told about our homework for chemistry. I done it, but Ann hadn't got time to done it and I told here: "You can write off it from me", but my teacher heared it. We had big problem, because she sad about it our class master! Every body was angry for us, because mrs Kate looked to notebook and checked homework to ever lesson. Many people got bed notes, my too! I wasn't homework from history and english. My teacher from history was disappointed, I am the best in class, but now she isn't penny to me. I think she is poor . Karoline, girls from my class, said about this situation here mother and she called to my mum! I have many problems at home too!

slowek:135 :)
Last week I went to a large lake near my village. I go there with my friends. We intend to spend the night under tents, arrange the fire, sing songs, and walk through the woods. I packed a backpack and travel bag. We wanted to spend two whole weeks. On television and online foretold the weather is nice. I hope I can also catch some fish. On the birthday I got a shiny new fishing rod. Let us hope that as long as the lake is pure water. I'm going to send your friends postcards and photos. This will be the coolest trip in my entire life.

Przepraszam ale nie chce mi się tego już drugi raz pisać ale po polsku. Mam nadzieje że moja odpowiedź się przyda.