Napisz o twoich wymarzonych wakacjach .
Odpowiedz na pytania Gdzie to jest , Gdzie sie zatrzymales ,Z kim byles, Co robiles w dzien, Co robiles wieczorami, jaka byla pogoda,Jakie bylo jedzenie.
J went to a holiday area in Hawaii.I stayed in a small house by the beach.J went with my best friends.Every day, we went to the beach.We surfed and played vollevball.

Prosze o napisanie cos w tym stylu tylko dłuzsze bo to jest urywek a nie caly teks.



I was on holiday in hawaii. I was there with my brother. We slept in a five star hotel. We got up at ten and we went to the beach. All day we swam, Surfed, Played volleyball and drank cocktails. On the evening we went to the disco or the bar and we danced and had fun all night. The food was delicious, but we ate little. The weather was great, lots of sun, no rain. I would like to go there in the next year.

Może być ? jak by ci było potrzebne dłuższe to pisz :)
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Dream holidays were mine this year. I went with my friend to the camp to Greece. It is on the continent Europe. We stayed in a hotel dolphin. In the little city. Every day we have gone swimming we sunbathed and we learnt to swim. The weather was excellent. The sun shone very firmly and every day it has been warm very much. In the evening we went to disci and great in addition we played. In the evening we also played in volleyball. the food was delicious. After the dinner we got delicious fruits so as watermelon and other.

proszęę ;D;P
mam nadzieję, że pomogłaam ;*
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I went to a holiday to Austarlia . Australia is the smallest continent and is very popular with tourists. I stayed in a small hostel in Sydney. It was near the beach. I went with my family. On the first day we went to visit the famous Sydney Opera House. After that we went to the beach and watched dolphins. In the evening we went to the zoo to see kangaroo and coalas. One day we went on a tour and we saw Great Barrier Reef. It's very beatifull! And it's 2000 kilometres long. The weather in Australia was very sunny and hot. We ate lot of fish and seafood. It was delicious. I had a wonerful time. It was my drem holiday.

Mam nadzieję na najlepszą ocenę ^^
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