Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I have got many favourite meals,but the best of all is pizza my mum. It is very tasty.All my family can't wait dinner and with impatiently is standing next to cooker,breathing aroma of baked pizza. The recipe is very easy, a meal is ready quickly.To the cake we are adding a little tomato paste, to it cheese, we are scattering slices of the meat of the mince after the pizza, we are sprinkling the whole with the basil and the oregano. After baking to the pizza we are adding the shredded Chinese cabbage and slices of greenhouse cucumbers, we are pouring with the sauce tzatziki (the natural yogurt and the garlic).
This way the prepared pizza is ready to eat;). It is home equivalent of the pizza,, wiejska''but in my opinion about a hundred times this pizza is better.

No,to tyle,nie wiem co mogłabym jeszcze dopisać.Może ty coś sobie jeszcze wymyślisz ;).
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