Napisz rozprawkę na jeden z tych tematów;
-private schools are usually better than state schools.
-all schools should let children wear whatever they want at school.
-cooking and housework should be taught at all schools
-physical education should be optional.
-girls study better without boys in the class.
-school summer holidays should be shorter.
-boys study better in a mixed class.

Rozprawka ma miec jakies 200 słów i porządne argumenty. W razie czego zadanie jest z podręcznika "new english file" z zieloną okładką strona 55, zad 6.



Cooking and housework should be taught at school.

Almost at all of the schools you can’t be taught how to do cooking and how to do any other housework, for example: cleaning the windows, washing the dishes, washing clothes or even dusting or vacuuming. In my opinion it is very important to learn it. Both boys and girls.

At the beggining I would like to pay attention on what does teenagers eat. Most of us eat fast food and sweets, drink sparkling drinks like Coca-cola. That’s because we cannot cook. Our parents work all days and they don’t have time to teach us cooking. They believe that in future life we won’t eat so much unhealthy food but they don’t realise what the reason is.

People in my age would love to learn housework at school. That is very important point. We have to learn physics, chemistry and history, and we want to learn also subjects which are more fascinating for us. We would go for this lessons with real pleasure.

Some people say that we don’t have time for housework. We employ cleaners, we eat in restaurants. Most of us don’t eat with their families- we just have something for dinner in a rush. That is the next reason to learn housework. Common cooking or washing dishes can improve our relationships with family.

I believe that this subjects should be taught at school and I wish I could participate in that kind of lessons.

Recently we can hear discussions which try to answer the question whether physical education should be compulsory or not. Some people think that Physical Education is as important as other academic subjects and cannot be skipped while others claim it should be optional.

On the one hand PE classes should be mandatory. They give students a chance to keep fit and stay in shape. It is a well-knows fact that exercising helps us stay healthy and improve general fitness. PE promotes a healthy lifestyle habits which are very likely to be continued later in adulthood.
Secondly,physical activity is a great outfit for emotions and aggression especially for young people. It is helpful for students iin getting rid of stress and also reduce usage of drugs and alcohol.
Another argument against making PE an optional lesson is that it brings many benefits for students. Thanks sport they learn how to work in team and can socialize with friends. It can be a good break from long sitting in the class and gives a lot of fun for bored students.

On the other hand PE should be optional as some student may have problems with doing sports due to asthma or other illness. They don't have ability to run or cannot cope with some exercises which requires a lot of effort.So there is a danger their classmates or even teachers will humilate students who aren't athletically inclined.
Secondly, PE lessons are often said to be a waste of time because many teachers let students do whatever they want to instead of exercising. As a result they don't practice any sport and waste time they could use for other activities or other lessons.

In conclusion, optional physical education has both advantages and downsides. In my opinion PE should be compulsory as it's very important for development of children and youth. But maybe schools should be more flexible and should let students choose activities they really enjoy.

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