Mieszkanie z rodzicami.

- constant scrutiny
- lack of the freedom
- permanent crowd
- need to fill its domesticity up
- frequent bans for the misbehaviour
- restrictions, of e.g. watching TV
- lack of parties with friends and friends
- in a young age you won't bring your second half of the heart, or else they will acknowledge that you are too young
- frequent visits of the family
- permanent hearing out sermons

Virtues: (Zalety )
- parents will help with every situation
- you aren't lacking the food
- you must not clean the entire house
- you have the permanent inflow of money
- parents are fulfilling different your whims
- you aren't bored, because you can always make something with parents
- shared outings, e.g. to the shop -
necessity of the learning, thanks to that we are getting an education
- you are feeling safe
- you aren't feeling single
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Mieszkanie z rodziną
- love
- security
- snugly
- not need to pay bills
- your mom is cooking meals
- with whom you talk to
- you're not alone
- you do not have to work
- lack of privacy
- constantly complaining of the family for you
- you must clean your room
- (If anyone siblings) is the continuous bickering

więcej nie mam sory ;)