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Niewiem czy dobrze ale napisze :)

1. he has been ill for three days.
2. they haven't visited their grandparents since last month.
3.we have already seen this movie
4.Karen hasn't been at home since November
5.Jacek has worked in Kanada for ten years
6.Have you bought new jacket ?
7.I have forgotten telephone number
8.my dad has changed job
9.how long you have known his ?
10. We have found in our garden oil.
11.My mother has left home for seven months.
12.Agata hasn't eaten for one months.
13.Natalia hasn't clean her room since 1998 r.
14.I have just finished my homework.
15. I haven't visited my grandma this week.
16. I have bought new shirt today.
17.She hasn't visited Oceanarium.
18.He has made the bed today.