Fox is a common name for many species of carnivorous mammals belonging to the Canidae family. Foxes are small to medium-sized canids , characterized by possessing a long narrow snout, and a bushy tail. Members of about 37 species are referred to as foxes, of which only 12 species actually belong to the Vulpes genus of 'true foxes'. By far the most common and widespread species of fox is the red fox, although various species are found on almost every continent. The presence of fox-like carnivores all over the globe has led to their appearance in both popular culture and folklore in many cultures around the world. The gray fox is one of only two canine species known to climb trees; the other is the raccoon dog.
Monkeys live in the jungle. They eat bananas. Monkeys are small and sweet. They weigh about fifteen-twenty kilograms. They are agile and sneaky.

Małpy żyją w dżungli. Jedzą bannany. Małpy są małe i słodkie. Ważą 15-20kg. Są sprytne i zwiinne.

Taki mały opis :)