Complete the answers and tick √ the correct box.
1a. Pytanie; __________
Odpowiedz; I'm thireen
1b.P; What's your address?
Odp;_________ .

2. When I.....(be) a child we ______ (live) in a very sall town. We
__________(move) before I _______ (not like) our new house, because my bedroom was very small. But I ______ (have) a lot of friends there.

3. Wybrać 1 wyraz (pisanych WIELKIMI literami)
Kenny, THIS / iT is Jo. She PLAYS / PLAYED basketball whit me.
Hi, Jo! NICE / KIND to meet you!
Hi, Keny!



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Zad 1
1a.How old are you?
1b.My adress is (wpisujesz adres)
When i was a chld we lived in a very sall town.We moved before I didn't our new house,because my bedroom was very small.But I had a lot of friends there.
Zad 3
Kenny this is Jo.She plays basketball with me.Hi Jo nice to meet you.Hi Kenny
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1.a. how old are you? address is...
2. was, lived, moved,didn't, had
3. this, plays, nice
2 4 2