Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I want to compare car with bicycle.
Car is more comfortable than bicycle. But You can go by car everywhere. You can get your family also. Unfortunately car is more expensive than bicycle. You must buy a petrol. The petrol is damage environment. When You go to bike, You are very tired. But when You drive a car, You must be a careful. When You go to cycle You are relaxed. Probably you are more healthy. If You drive a car You must have driving licence. On the other hand children to bike even. This is fun for a children. Car is only for adult people. You must very calm because You can have a crash. You can also drive into a tree. If You keep a car You must a lot of money. You must secure a car. To keep a bike is cheaper than keep a car. Only from time to time You must a new tyres for a bike. But You must change tyres for a car twice a year. I think that car is better means of transport because You can drive everyseasons of the year. When the weather is rainig, You shouldn't go to bike You can be a ill. You can drive a car even the weather is bad.
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