Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
To directour of company "help animals"

My name is Rose and I write to you becouse yesterday I sow in garden of my neighbours bad dog. My neighbours never go walk with this dog and never give him a food so I think this dog is be wild. I'm be a good person so I love everyone animal. I think every dog , cat or turtle and the other animal have a right to live.
I send this leter to you bocouse I wont you help this dog. I think this dog wont have a good and love home. So I'm beging you and your company help this little dog and give him a better live. I cen't do enything becouse this people dont wont talk with my they even don't wont talk with my friend and my parents. I do everythink what i can do. And now i know I cont help this dog so please do somethink. In my opinion this dog have name andy. And I think if you help him, Andy been very happy dog.

Mam nadzieje że zarys takiej pracy Ci pomoże napewno bedziesz musial cos pozmieniac ale mysle ze teraz bedzie Ci łatwiej. Powodzenia