Today is Monday 7th of March 2005

I get up at 8 o'clock,i ate breakfast and i went to school.lesson started at 8 50 .I've had chemistry english polish and maths
Lesson finished at 15
I came back to home very tired
Usuall monday in my life looks pretty similar as other people's day. I get up at 8 am then I walk to school with my friend we go to the same class, so we are always late because we dont hurry to school. My first lesson on monday is Pe I love PE because I love sport and specially when weather is nice, then Iv got english, I enjoy English because our English teacher can explain everything and then makes the homework so simple that you are willing to do it. Biology is hard for me. Re is the light subject, we dont have to do alot ine the class, we pray and do something in our books.