Nie jestem dobra z anglika więc prosze o rozwiązanie: napisz o wymyślonej postaci ( człowiek) ( na 120 słów) i na poziomie 5 klasy podstawówki. Prosze też o przetłumaczenie tego wypracowania. Dam naj . Prosze to bardzo ważne ( na jutro)



Dam ci troche więcej o Janu Pawle II., oks..??

Jan Paweł II actually Karol Józef Wojtyła (B 18 May 1920 in Wadowicach, amendment 2 of April 2005 in Vatican) – Polish Roman Catholic clergyman, Cracow archbishop, cardinal, the Pope (16 October 1978 – 2 April 2005), servant God's of the Roman Catholic Church, bachelor of the Order of the White Eagle. The poet and the polyglot, as well as the actor, the dramatist and the teacher. The philosopher of history, the phenomenologist, the mystic and the representative of the Christian personalism. Karol Wojtyła was born in Wadowicach as the other son of Karol Wojtyły and for Emilia from Kaczorowskich. Family Wojtyłów is coming around Czańca k. Kęt and Lipnika (at present district of Bielsko-Biała). The Kaczorowskich family comes around k Michalowa. Of Szczebrzeszyn.
Jan Paweł II from the beginning of years 90. suffered from the progressing Parkinson's disease. 2 April 2005 died after finishing the Jasna Góra Appeal, into first Saturday of the month and the Christmas Eve of the Holiday of the God's Mercy, in 9666. day of one's pontificate. In the sequence of two last days of living incessantly they kept him company faithful from the entire world, tracking the reaching knowledge of Vatican systematically and lasting on the prayer in his intention. The funeral of Jan of II Paweł was held on Friday on 8 April 2005 r. Coffin from simple boards of cypress wood (of symbol of the immortality) they placed directly in the św square laid out on the pavement. of Piotr carpet .

I would like to describe my friend .
She is (for example) 15 years old. She is very tall and thin.
Her name is Patrycja. Patrycja has got blond and long hair.
She always wears jeans and t-shirts. Patrycja is really clever and nice. I like her very much !

(jak będę miała lepszą wenę to napiszę ci wiadomość)
(albo jak masz pomysł po polsku, to napisz, to Ci przetłumaczę z chęcią ;))
Lewis Hamilton, born 7th January 1985, is a motor racing star from Britain. He has short blach kair and brown eyes, and he is very popular. Lewis has a hause in Switzerland, but he races all over the world.
Between races, Lewis usually goes to the gym and works hard on his physical and mental fitness. He goes running in the morning before most people have breakfast. At race weekends he has a regular routine: he gets up early, he works with his team on his car, and he goes to bed at the same time every evening.
Lewis loves Japanese food and all kinds of spicy food. What else does he like? He plays pool with his brother Nic and goes ten-pin bowling with his mother. He also enjoys golf and swimming. Music? He likes hip-hop, R&B and reggae, and he loves jazz and blues. His favourite rapper is P Diddy. He enjoys movies, but it isn't easy to go to the movies when there are lots of newspaper photographers outside the cinema!
in the summer, Lewis usually goes to his family's holiday home in Portugal, and he sometimes has Mediterranean boat holidays.